Leyende - The Story

From the Spanish word leyenda, meaning “legend” or “story,” Leyende is an emerging Filipino brand of natural and organic face, bath and body and hair care products with a modern, clean-minimalist sensibility.

Our Past

Leyende was founded in early 2008, with a belief in that environmentally consciousness and beautiful skin needn't be exclusive concepts when choosing professionally made facial, bath & body and hair care products.

We started out with direct sales, recognizing the power of personal contact and relationships to bring our products to the home of most consumers. It was the belief in the power and wealth of human interactions that influenced our business model. Direct selling is a living network of relationships, in which we work to improve our products and services continuously, and share our beliefs and values.

Our Present

Leyende has now been able grow into a fully operational environment. With a modern sophisticated online store, as well as multiple programs and applications that are continuously improved and updated as we move towards our future.

We still hold our past beliefs and values in high respect, and continue to work with prominent local and international eco-cert farms and companies that provide us with the natural organic raw materials that we use in our products. Ensuring that only the best quality ingredients are used to produce some of Philippines best natural and organic face, bath & body products.

Our Future

Leyende will continuously work to improve our products and services as well as explore the different pathways to imagine new ways to provide our customers and affiliates to enjoy the most effective and beautiful organic products available.

We are in the process of expanding our brand and products across the country, the continent and the globe. We believe that our success lies not in following footsteps already set, but to be in the forefront of ecological and organic change and show that you can combine the organic beauty of nature and the natural beauty of skin.